10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

Still thinking about great gift ideas for a senior? If you can’t think of anything for a beloved elderly parent or friend, here are some useful ideas to get you started on your search.


10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

1. Memory foam mattress topper. Great for their aching bones and joints, give them a goodnight’s sleep with ultra-comfortable memory foam mattress toppers. A great Christmas gift idea especially for those who love to snuggle and need some comfort when they go to bed or spend most of their days lying down.

2. Blankets. You can’t go wrong with good, cozy blankets. There’s a wide range of blankets and quilts available for every budget.

3. Customized gift basket. Fill a gift basket with the things that your elderly parent or loved one will surely love. It can include their favorite treats, some healthy snacks and food, even some of their prescription meds, if you know them. You can also include some colognes and bath soaps to encourage good hygiene, as well as many other things that they will surely love.

4. Adult coloring books and games. Keep them engaged and occupied with books and games specially made for adults. These not only keep their minds sharp but are also a great way for them to spend their days on their own or better yet–with you.

5. Ergonomic gadgets. They may have limited mobility or difficulty performing simple tasks due to their age and health conditions. One of the many great Christmas gift ideas you can use is to buy them kitchen gadgets or household items that are ergonomic or specially designed for the elderly. This gift idea can make their life so much easier.

Keep them Engaged and Connected

6. Low-impact exercise equipment. Encourage them to stay fit and healthy by giving them exercise equipment this holiday season. From soft walking shoes to light dumbbells to yoga mats, these are great for keeping elderly active.

7. Medication management. From apps to gadgets for medication reminders, these can even be lifesavers. Seniors can tend to forget what medicine to take and when, so this is one of the many great Christmas gift ideas that they’ll surely appreciate.

8. Gadgets for seniors. Techie seniors will love tablets and iPads or phones that are specially tailored for them. Put in apps that they will find useful and entertaining. Many of these gadgets also provide safety for them. They also help you keep in touch when you’re away from each other.

9. Gift certificates. Give them gift certificates to their favorite restaurants or better yet–make a day of it by taking them out yourself.

10. Take a break in an adult day care facility. Have them enjoy a day or two in an adult daycare center such as Big Hearts in Paranaque for some break from the monotony of their routine. They might enjoy the breath of fresh air and some company with other seniors in a homelike environment.

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