wheelchair for elderly parent

How to Find the Right Wheelchair for Your Elderly Parent

For those who have an elderly parent, it can be a major milestone when the time comes that they would need a wheelchair. It can be upsetting and overwhelming, especially if this move is due to a serious illness. Either way. a wheelchair can mean loss of mobility and independence for your elderly parent.

Still, it’s important to make the process more bearable and still provide a good quality of life for your aging parent. Therefore, you have to find the right wheelchair for them.

wheelchair for elderly parent

Manual of Electric?

Nowadays, there are many different types of wheelchairs. Still, they can be sorted into two main categories: manual or electric.

Manual wheelchairs are usually self-propelled or are pushed by a caregiver or companion. Your elderly parent needs a strong upper body to move the wheelchair.

Meanwhile, an electric wheelchair is operated by the user, your elderly parent, and they won’t be relying for others to push them around. While these are quite expensive, this offers great ease and independence.


Your elderly parent would be spending most of the day on a wheelchair, so it should be as comfortable as possible. Look for ones that can be adjusted to suit your parent’s needs. Seats, arm rests and foot rests that are adjustable are great choices.


Wheelchairs these days come in various colors, styles, and materials. Therefore, if you’re going to buy a wheelchair, make sure you have your elderly parent with you so they can pick out the wheelchair style they like most.

Options for accessories

There are many accessories that you can add to wheelchairs these days. So make sure the one you choose is open to this option.

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