Month: August 2017


Signs of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

Contrary to popular belief, there are people who can get Alzheimer’s even before they turn 60. This is called early-onset Alzheimer’s and can affect people from their late 30s all the way to 50s. While the symptoms are generally the same as its late-onset counterpart, there are still signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s that can seem …

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6 Tips for Lowering Cholesterol of Seniors

Heart disease is one of the world’s number one killer. In fact, it accounts for over 50% of death in elderly men and women aged 60 and up. This is primarily because of a diet high in cholesterol, paired with a less active lifestyle prevalent in many modern societies all over the world. By lowering …

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Arthritis in Seniors

Many seniors suffer from arthritis, which can restrict their movement and make them unable to perform personal and daily tasks. What is arthritis? Though “arthritis” literally means “joint inflammation,” this condition is now widely used to refer to conditions that affect muscles, bones, and tissues surrounding the joints.