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Elderly Depression: How to Recognize the Signs

Elderly depression is real and shouldn’t be ignored. Recognize the signs of elderly depression in your aging parents. Depression can happen to anyone, and even at any age. A clinically diagnosed mental disorder, depression really is more than just being sad. It affects anyone regardless of background, social status, income, or achievements. 


Do You Have Alzheimer’s? Ask a Loved One to Answer this Questionnaire

Find out your risk of having Alzheimer’s disease using this 21-item questionnaire. While this is not a definitive way to diagnose Alzheimer’s, this can help you assess your situation and see if further steps must be taken. It’s still best to consult with your doctor for the right diagnosis and treatment.


Normal Forgetfulness or Dementia: Which Do You Have?

Are you experiencing normal forgetfulness or exhibiting signs of dementia? Read on to find out. Many people forget sometimes. Now and then, you experience lapses in memory. As you age, these lapses may become more common as part off the normal aging process. Let’s take a closer look.


Elderly OCD: How to Handle It

Elderly OCD is pretty common. Elderly people may start to act strange. From counting cracks on the floor to putting washing the hands three times, these seemingly harmless quirks can be manifestations of OCD in the elderly. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, involves persistent and disturbing thoughts (obsessions), and the rituals or habits (compulsions) to control …

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Does Your Elderly Parent Use Profanity? Here’s What You Should Do

Your elderly parent may seem kind and mild-mannered before, but now that age has caught up with them and they are in their senior years, they start to use profanity. While profanity are sometimes used by people as an interjection or an expression, many elderly people can sometimes go overboard. Profanity can punctuate their every …

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14 Difficult Elderly Behaviors and How to Deal with Them

Does your parent or loved one exhibit difficult elderly behaviors? Do they behave in ways that you don’t expect them to? Perhaps they used to be easy-going and mild-mannered and suddenly they act up. Have these difficult elderly behavior left you flustered, frustrated, embarrassed, hurt, exhausted, or helpless?


How to Deal with Elderly Temper Tantrum

Let’s face it–as years go by, your elderly parents can start to get difficult. They may act childish and even have what we can call as elderly temper tantrums. They may yell and have overall bad behavior that can drive you up the wall. Aside from that, their behavior can also be frustrating, tiring, and …

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5 Simple Yet Effective Memory Exercises for Seniors

Here are 5 simple yet effective memory exercises that elderly people can do at home or in their adult daycare facilities. These activities help boost their brain power and keep them engaged. Aging can cause changes in our brain functions. As we age, our cognitive ability declines, and you can definitely see this happen if …

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