10 Signs Your Elderly Parent Has Hearing Loss

If your elderly parent has hearing loss, it can be hard to communicate with them the way you used to. But first, it’s important to know the signs to recognize the problem and therefore find the appropriate treatment.


What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is common as we age. As we grow older, some people experience a gradual decrease in how well they can hear. It’s a common problem affecting older people.

Having hearing loss can make communication very difficult, resulting to frustration and misunderstanding. It can also be a safety problem if an elderly parent has hearing loss because alarms and warnings can’t be heard so much. This can result to accidents and injury.

How do you know if your elderly parent has hearing loss? Take a look at these signs below.

10 Signs your elderly parent has hearing loss

  1. They complain that people are mumbling.
  2. They frequently ask people to repeat what was said.
  3. They usually have loud volumes on television or radio.
  4. Have trouble understanding or hearing things in public places.
  5. Have difficulty understanding conversations among people in a group.
  6. Becoming irritable, impatient, and easily frustrated.
  7. Straining when listening.
  8. They don’t usually start conversations.
  9. Can’t hear when people are talking to them softly.
  10. They can’t easily and clearly hear phone conversation.

When your elderly parent has hearing loss, there are still ways for them to reconnect and rebuild communication with family, friends, and the world around them.

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