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About Us

Welcome to the Big Hearts Adult Daycare and Assisted Living! 

In only 3 years, we have taken cared of and assisted our residents with utmost care and service like no other to the satisfaction and relief of their loved ones. We have residents from all over Metro Manila, Provinces and overseas supported by their families and relatives.

We plan to open branches nationwide and possibly abroad, thus allowing more residents to experience our personalized service with total concern for the peace of families and the welfare of our residents.

It has indeed been a sweet and heartfelt success borne out of a passion for elderly care and assisted living by our professional and innovative team members who are genuinely active about taking good care of our residents.

As family caregivers we are often thrown into the role of caregiver unexpectedly. We often are not prepared and have little ability to plan for it. It is common for family to try to keep their aging loved one at home, but is this really the best plan for all involved? Over time, this plan does come at an expense; socially, physically and emotionally, not only to for the aging loved one but for all the parties involved as well.

Our services are designed to cater the unique needs of our residents with cognitive and physical health conditions.  We provide personalized care with appropriate activities that maintain their cognitive and functional abilities. It will triggers sense of purpose within our structured environment.

Your peace of mind is our success.  I invite you to choose Big Hearts Adult Daycare and Assisted Living Facility for the most advanced care available. Assuring you of our commitment and continued top-notch services, so that more residents will be able to have peace of mind and exhibit happy, healthy and holistic living. We look forward to taking care of your loved ones.

Alvin Shoaf,
Why Choose Us
We are redefining Adult Daycare and Assisted Living services in the Philippines by providing a spacious, well-appointed environment where our elderly clients can feel safe, secure and comfortable. We also make sure our clients are surrounded by competent and professional staff where clients can experience dignity, compassion, enjoyment, and an overall improved quality of life.zd
Great Staff

Our Caregivers

More than a job, it's a calling

At Big Hearts, our caregivers and nurses are your trusted partners in this next stage for you and for your loved ones. We listen to the needs of our clients, the elderly, as well as their families.

Our caregiving staff is highly trained to address and meet the needs of our elderly clients and their families, working together to provide a service plan that meets the goals of our clients. Our staff is also well-equipped and experienced to handle the specialized needs of those who have Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as other forms of memory loss.

Our nursing staff, meanwhile, are all licensed and experienced nurses who can competently provide adequate medical support and services for our clients.

All our staff are on-site 24/7 as a commitment to excellent elderly care services as well as to ensure that all the needs of our clients are met.