Alcoholism in Seniors: What You Should Know

Alcoholism in seniors can pose more dangers compared to those who are younger.

Aging changes your body in so many ways. So while drinking can be an acceptable part of social life, your senior parent may not be able to drink as much as when they were younger. This is because the aging process can make their body more prone to the debilitating effects of alcohol. (more…)

Elderly Can Find Freedom in Assisted Living with Big Hearts

Assisted living facilities such as Big Hearts can provide many benefits for the elderly.  One is a newfound sense of independence and community. This can be refreshing for your elderly parents, who may have been in home care for so long, and can tend to feel isolated and dependent.

At first, the idea of seniors moving into assisted living facilities can make them feel like they have no control over their lives. It can make them feel like they are losing what’s remaining of their independence. As a result, they may resist or withdraw, and this can cause conflict and other problems between seniors and their families. However, having assisted living to help you care for your elderly parents shouldn’t mean losing their freedom or independence. (more…)

4 Important Benefits of Elderly Medication Management

Elderly medication management can be stressful, but done right, it can pretty much pave the way for a better quality of life for your elderly parents. However, when done wrong, it can spell disaster for everyone.

Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals have provided us treatment to illnesses and relief from discomfort that we can’t otherwise get anywhere else. However, for the elderly who may suffer from many age-related diseases, even at the same time, juggling different prescriptions can be difficult.

There are many apps and devices to help you keep track of your elderly loved ones’ medicines and treatments. This is especially useful for the elderly, medication management can help them give a better quality of life. (more…)

10 Most Common Diseases of the Elderly

Aging is inevitable, and with the years come many types of common diseases. In fact, most of adults over the age of 65 have at least one chronic condition. Let’s take a look at the 10 most common disease of the elderly, (more…)

How to Find the Right Wheelchair for Your Elderly Parent

For those who have an elderly parent, it can be a major milestone when the time comes that they would need a wheelchair. It can be upsetting and overwhelming, especially if this move is due to a serious illness. Either way. a wheelchair can mean loss of mobility and independence for your elderly parent.

Still, it’s important to make the process more bearable and still provide a good quality of life for your aging parent. Therefore, you have to find the right wheelchair for them. (more…)

Elderly Depression: How to Recognize the Signs

Elderly depression is real and shouldn’t be ignored. Recognize the signs of elderly depression in your aging parents.

Depression can happen to anyone, and even at any age. A clinically diagnosed mental disorder, depression really is more than just being sad. It affects anyone regardless of background, social status, income, or achievements.  (more…)

Big Hearts: Your Alternative for Old Age

In our country, it’s part of our culture to care for our parents when they reach old age. In fact, you may have taken care of your parents yourself. Now, as you also reach old age, you may plan to rely on your own children to care for you. (more…)

6 Benefits of Elderly Having Pets

There are many benefits for the elderly having pets.

People love to have pets. From fishes to cats, turtles to dogs, pets add more to people’s lives. So it’s not a surprise that even elderly people can also find many benefits to having pets. (more…)

Do You Have Alzheimer’s? Ask a Loved One to Answer this Questionnaire

Find out your risk of having Alzheimer’s disease using this 21-item questionnaire. While this is not a definitive way to diagnose Alzheimer’s, this can help you assess your situation and see if further steps must be taken. It’s still best to consult with your doctor for the right diagnosis and treatment.


Normal Forgetfulness or Dementia: Which Do You Have?

Are you experiencing normal forgetfulness or exhibiting signs of dementia? Read on to find out.

Many people forget sometimes. Now and then, you experience lapses in memory. As you age, these lapses may become more common as part off the normal aging process.

Let’s take a closer look. (more…)