Elderly Can Find Freedom in Assisted Living with Big Hearts

Assisted living facilities such as Big Hearts can provide many benefits for the elderly.  One is a newfound sense of independence and community. This can be refreshing for your elderly parents, who may have been in home care for so long, and can tend to feel isolated and dependent.

At first, the idea of seniors moving into assisted living facilities can make them feel like they have no control over their lives. It can make them feel like they are losing what’s remaining of their independence. As a result, they may resist or withdraw, and this can cause conflict and other problems between seniors and their families. However, having assisted living to help you care for your elderly parents shouldn’t mean losing their freedom or independence.


With Big Hearts, having help through assisted living can allow them to have an independent living lifestyle that can empower them.

We offer our residents the comfort and overall improved quality of life. They will also find assisted living more convenient. We evaluate each of our resident’s needs and capabilities, so if they don’t require support with certain activities, they can live as independently as they want. Still, we’ll be close by and monitoring them. The spacious, home-like environment of our private facility also has safety in mind so families can rest assured of their elderly parents’ safety.

We also offer a wide range of amenities and services to give seniors the ability to live independently, while being assured that help is there whenever they need it.

Our services and activities include:

  • Accompaniment to scheduled medical visits whenever necessary
  • Organized daily and weekly activities
  • Licensed nurses available 24/7
  • Nutritionist-approved meals expertly prepared according to each resident’s needs
  • Medication managemnet
  • … and more

Call or text us at 09565012540 if you want to learn more about assisted living at Big Hearts.



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