10 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

Does your elderly parent need assisted living services? Find out by reading the signs below.

Everyone of us ages. Soon, we’ll come to that point when we can no longer do things on our own and we need the assistance of other people, whether they be our own children, siblings, or caregiver. And this could be what is happening to your parents now. As they age, their needs increase and they need someone to constantly be there for them. 


While every situation is of course different, you may still wonder if you are providing your own elderly parents the care they truly need, while still juggling the responsibilities of your own family. To help you make a decision, here are 10 signs that show you when it’s time for your elderly parent to have assisted living.

1. Worsening health conditions. Dementia, congestive heart failure, stroke, and many other health conditions may worsen over time. This means they would increasingly need help and constant guidance, from medication management to accomplishing daily personal tasks.

2. Increased risk and incidents of accidents. Are they now more prone to getting into accidents? Perhaps they need someone to keep an eye on them 24/7, something you may not be able to do. When it comes to elderly, accidents have an increased risk of happening again and again if you don’t do something about it.

3. Isolation or lack of companionship. Do they still go out with their friends or are they isolated? When you notice that they don’t have much of a social life and this can take a toll on their physical and mental health as well as their well-being, then assisted living facilities can be key. Assisted living can provide them a place where they could socialize with other people.

4. Mismanaged finances. Have you noticed unpaid bills or unopened letters addressed to your elderly parents? Perhaps these are all being neglected by your elderly parents. Over time, these can add up and can cause financial trouble that you could have avoided.

5. Driving trouble. Did they recently get into any driving accidents? Or perhaps you can’t let them go out and commute on their own. When this happens, perhaps assisted living is a plausible solution.

6. Malnutrition. Perhaps they haven’t been eating right? On their own, they may not be able to prepare their own food or can’t eat as much as they did before. Or perhaps they have a special diet that needs to be maintained. Assisted living facilities such as Big Hearts can help you with that.

7. Inability to care for their own house. If your elderly parent lives in their own house, take a look next time you visit. Do you see clutter everywhere? Have they neglected keeping their place clean? These can be tell-tale signs they need someone to help them and care for them.

8. Neglected personal hygiene. Do they fail to brush their teeth on long periods? Or maybe they don’t take a bath anymore? Have they grown sores from their diapers or is there no one to regularly ensure that their personal hygiene is kept?

9. Other family’s concern. Another good tell-tale sign that your elderly parents may need assisted living is when another family member voices the same opinion.

10. Your own well-being. If you’re the caregiver of your elderly parent, have you taken time to audit yourself? Are you doing fine physically, financially, mentally and emotionally? Taking care of an elderly can also take a huge toll on you and you may need help in the process.

Big Hearts provides adult daycare and assisted living services for the elderly within Paranaque City, Metro Manila and in surrounding areas. If you have an elderly you want to commit to our facility, call or text us at 09565012540.

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