Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors

It’s always a good idea to know flu prevention tips to keep your elderly parents healthy and comfortable. While the flu season due to the cold weather and heavy rains can pose no risk for younger people, it could be serious for seniors.


In fact, many hospitalizations in seniors account to seasonal flu, and many even experience complications and even fatal conditions or death–all because of flu.

Flu is More Dangerous in Seniors

Flu, or influenza, is a respiratory infection caused by a virus or more commonly known as germ. While younger people can recover from the flu virus after one to two weeks, seniors over the age of 65 have a higher risk of having the flu develop into a more serious lung infection.

Once this happens, they can end up in the hospital with pneumonia, bronchitis, and other complications.

This happens because the immune system of the elderly is so much weaker than when they were younger. So it’s much easier for them to catch the flu but harder to recover from it.

This said, it’s important to know flu prevention tips and apply them especially when it’s the flu season. Knowing these flu prevention tips can mean life and death especially when it comes to those who are more frail and have weaker immune systems due to other conditions.

Flu Prevention Tips in Seniors

  1. Get a flu shot every year.
  2. Employ preventive measures such as washing hands often.
  3. Don’t let them touch their eyes, mouth and nose without washing their hands.
  4. Make them drink plenty of liquids, especially water.
  5. Have a healthy diet.
  6. Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  7. If they begin to exhibit flu-like symptoms, see their physician immediately.

Remember, though it may be a stretch, taking extra precautions for your elderly loved one’s health and safety is definitely worth it. We hope that these flu prevention tips can help you better take care of your elderly loved one or parent especially during this season.

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