Adult Daycare

Adult daycare is an important care service option to help improve the quality of life of both the elderly and their family members.

When an elderly in the family needs additional care and supervision, family members often think that they need to quit their jobs and stay at home to keep watch on their elderly. Often, these can take a toll on the whole family, especially for the care givers, as round-the-clock provision of elderly care takes up so much of their time that they don’t have time to care for themselves.

At Big Hearts, our adult daycare services are specially tailored to the elderly and their families’ needs. This often revolves around managed assistance and supervision during the day. Our service plan includes social activities to help prevent our elderly clients from feeling lonely and isolated. We also offer stimulating activities from board games to light exercises to keep them physically limber and mentally sharp. This is a great alternative to merely sitting at home alone with nothing to do.

Our adult daycare services can involve art therapy, board games, light exercises, walking, massage and physical therapies, and many more so our elderly clients will always have something to look forward to each time.