6 Benefits of Elderly Having Pets

There are many benefits for the elderly having pets.

People love to have pets. From fishes to cats, turtles to dogs, pets add more to people’s lives. So it’s not a surprise that even elderly people can also find many benefits to having pets.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of elderly having pets to own and care for.

6 Benefits of Elderly Having Pets

1. Pets help elderly have increased physical activity. Elderly who care for pets can have more physical activity, especially if they own dogs. Elderly dog owners can walk their pets and be active this way for at least a couple of hours a week more than those who don’t own dogs.

2. Cardiovascular health is boosted. Elderly people with pets such as dogs are less likely to die from heart attacks. Those who care for pets often have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. Weight is controlled. Since elderly with pets are more active to meet their pets exercise needs, they are also less likely to be obese.

4. They get emotional support from pets. Pets can serve as great support system for the elderly, giving them attention, acceptance, care, and validation.

5. Pets provide companionship. Having pets can fill a void in the social life of an elderly. These also provide social interactions that are quite harder to come by for seniors who may have lost their spouses and close friends.

6. Pets offer seniors comfort. Petting a dog, cat, bunny, or other animal can be enjoyable for seniors, especially those who are seldom visited by their loved ones. Pets can make seniors feel less isolated and alone.

Overall, pets are therapeutic for people, and in this case, for seniors. Stay tuned for our next blog to tackle how to choose the right pet for your senior parent or loved one.

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