3 Big Tips for Lowering Cholesterol in Seniors

Lowering cholesterol levels in seniors have a number of health benefits, from healthier heart to better mood to longer life. Here are some of the big tips that you can adopt to have a more heart-healthy life.

As you age, your risks for cardiovascular disorders such as heart attack and stroke increases. This is why when it comes to your elderly seniors, you should take special care to monitor their cholesterol levels, which is one of the factors that cause heart, and overall health, problems.  


Here are 3 big tips for lowering cholesterol in seniors.

1. Do the TLC Diet. The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Diet greatly helps in lowering cholesterol. It’s a low-cholesterol and low-saturated fat diet. With this, you get less than 200 milligrams of dietary cholesterol a day, with also a 2400-milligram limit of your sodium intake. It also helps seniors get just the right amount of calories to help them keep a healthy weight which also helps in lowering cholesterol.

2. Get active. Talk with your elderly parent’s physician first before getting them on any physical activity. And at all times, make sure that you are following safe and appropriate exercises for the elderly. Nevertheless, by getting physically active through exercise or even just walking, house work and gardening, your elderly parent can gain many health benefits.

Remember to have them exercise or engage in any physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week.

3. Have a medication plan. Medication for lowering cholesterol has been clinically tested and even recommended by physicians. Talk to your parent’s doctor regarding medication for lowering cholesterol, which may include:

  • Statins
  • Bile Acid Sequestrants
  • Nicotinic Acid
  • Fibrates

Overall, these tips are not really rocket science. Still, these can do wonders to your elderly parents’ overall health, well-being, and mood. Just remember to always put safety and health a priority as you help them adopt a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle.

At Big Hearts, we make sure that the seniors in our care have healthy meals, engaging activities and safe and appropriate physical activities to keep them in good shape as well as maintain optimum health. Talk to us on how we can help you care for your senior parents: 09565012540.

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