How to Talk to Elderly Parents About Assisted Living

Sometimes, many things in your life happen that make it clear you need help taking care of your elderly parents. Whether you’re starting your own family, raising kids of your own, building a career, or juggling all these things together, your parents still need the best care that you can provide for them. Even if that means you have to get help from adult daycare and assisted living facilities such as ours at Big Hearts


Your elderly parents may have chronic conditions or have declining health and mobility that makes it harder for you to properly care for them at home. However, you may feel guilty, embarrassed, or uncomfortable about talking to your parents about getting them into an assisted living facility.

Here are some tips to help you talk to your elderly parents about assisted living.

How to Talk to Elderly Parents About Assisted Living

1. Plant seeds of ideas. Approach your elderly parents about care options. Even mention it in passing at first and later on build up more information, stating the pros and cons of each elderly care service.

2. Let your siblings help. Talk to your brothers and sisters and ask about their opinion regarding your idea. Agree on how, when, and where you’ll take your elderly parents for assisted living. Perhaps, you can have your siblings try to talk or convince your parents as well.

3. Get your physician involved. Talk to your parents’ physician in private about your idea. If your physician agrees, see if he or she can talk to your parents about it.

4. Be careful of what you say. There are many misconceptions about elderly living, assisted living, and nursing homes as well as caregiving. Be sure to be careful of how you phrase things, using “retirement living” instead of “home for the aged” or “nursing home.” Remember to remain respectful because they are still your parents.

5. Let your parents have their say. Don’t act as if it’s already decided without your parents’ say on the matter. Give them their options and make it clear to them the pros and cons.

6. Make them visit the facility. You can take them to a number of assisted living facilities so that they have an idea of what to expect and they can make better decisions.

7. Offer reassurance. Being away from family can be daunting for your elderly parents. Reassure them that you will visit them on a regular basis and that the new place will be comfortable for them. Let them know if they can bring things to make them comfortable, perhaps their favorite plants, books, and rocking chair, for example.

Going to an assisted living facility may mean a lot of adjustments, but that doesn’t mean you will let go of your elderly parents. As with anything, it’s still best to talk to them about your idea and with these tips, things may be easier communicated.

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