How to Care for Your Elderly While Maintaining Their Dignity

Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging. Whether they are your parents, grandparents or relatives, being their caregiver doesn’t just mean you have to feed, bather, and dress them. You also have to make sure they are still maintaining their dignity as elders and as human beings. 


Elderly Care: Maintaining Their Dignity

When caring for the elderly, maintaining their dignity is also crucial. It’s easy to care for seniors, but many of them become unhappy and some are even abused by their own caregivers, even their family members. Here are some simple tips on how you can care for your own elderly loved ones while making sure you are maintaining their dignity.

Dignity is one of the most important and most basic human needs. It is important for us as humans to feel not only loved but also respected. And that still remains even if people become old, disabled, or become mentally challenged. Anyone and everyone deserves respect and dignity.

Tips for Maintaining Their Dignity

  • When dressing them, give them privacy by closing the door of the bedroom or bathroom.
  • When they are using the bathroom or are taking about, also give them privacy by closing the door.
  • Knock before opening the door to their house or bedroom.
  • Talk directly to them and not in third person.
  • Afford them privacy of their personal and private affairs, don’t discuss this with other people.
  • If they are able to decide for themselves, let them make decisions so they have some semblance of control over their own lives.
  • Give them choices of what they want, like in food or in activities.
  • When they’re eating, give them a bib and feed them properly.
  • Always make sure they are wearing clean and appropriate clothes.
  • Listen to them when they are talking, even if what they’re saying doesn’t make a lot of sense to you.
  • Listen to even the smallest concerns and show that you care about their feelings and comfort.
  • Ask them their opinions about things that involve them.
  • Include them in conversations.
  • Don’t make them feel like they’re not there when you’re talking to other people.

By doing these little things, you impart a feeling of respect, care, and consideration that the seniors you’re caring for will definitely be felt by them.

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