Home Safety Tips for Elderly Care

Many Filipinos care for their elderly parents at home. This is perhaps due to our culture and close-knit family relationships. However, elderly people have changing safety needs that needs to be maintained to ensure that they remain safe and still enjoy even some form of independence in doing daily personal tasks.


For example, elderly people or seniors are at higher risk for hip fractures, so it’s important to watch out and prevent falls or slips. It’s also important to create an environment in the home where your senior loved one still feels safe yet independent enough to move around without people constantly following or supporting them.

Here are some helpful home safety tips that you can apply in your home to lessen potential dangers for seniors.

Home Safety Tips for Elderly

  1. Make them wear comfortable, snug, and slip-proof shoes with no heels.
  2. If necessary, get them a walking aid like a cane.
  3. Get rid of scattered rugs that may be slipping hazards.
  4. Remove electrical cords or wires on floor especially on high-traffic areas where they could trip over.
  5. Avoid using slippery wax or floor polish.
  6. Wipe up spills immediately.
  7. Keep stairs free from clutter
  8. Ensure that someone is present in the home to watch out for your senior loved one.
  9. If they are smoking, don’t allow them to smoke alone or in bed.
  10. Don’t let them get up suddenly after sitting or lying down.
  11. Ensure there’s adequate lighting on stairs and hallways.
  12. Install safety bath aids on the walls in the shower and beside the toilet.
  13. Make bathroom floors skid proof.
  14. Clearly label medication and use pill organizer or dispenser.
  15. Regularly check expiration dates on medicines.
  16. Keep emergency numbers handy, especially your seniors’ physicians.

Home safety is important when caring for an elderly loved one in your home. If you are going to find for an adult daycare or facility for your loved one, you should also ensure that home safety measures are in place.

Caring for an elderly loved one has its share of challenges, but you are not alone. We at Big Hearts are here to help you out. For adult day care and assisted living services, you can contact us at 0917 799 2102 / 0956 501 2540.


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