What Happens After Alzheimer’s Diagnosis?

Finally getting a confirming diagnosis from your doctor that your parent or elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s can be jarring. In fact, it can be life-changing not just for the patient but also for the whole family.

However, it is important to prepare for this event in order to ensure that your elderly loved ones get the proper care and support. You may need to put them in an adult daycare facility, under the care of people who specifically know how to care for people with Alzheimer’s, such as in Big Hearts.


So here’s what you can do after finding out an elderly loved one, such as a parent, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

1. Be informed. Find out what you can about Alzheimer’s disease so that you and the rest of your family knows the various stages of Alzheimer’s and what to expect.

2. Manage your emotions. You may feel overwhelmed with so many different feelings. Learn to manage them and be there for each other as a family. Take care of your own personal emotional needs and remember to seek help when you need to. Having a strong support system is important as you embark on this challenge.

3. Make people understand. As you adjust to the new challenges of living with someone with Alzheimer’s it’s good to let others know about the facts about Alzheimer’s to avoid misunderstandings which are not helpful to your elderly loved one.

4. Plan ahead. Adjustments in the home are fine, but sooner or later, it can take a toll on you and your family. Seek out other viable options that may help make you and your elderly loved one’s lives better and more comfortable.

5. Explore your options. These days, you have many options for caregiving. While you can care for your loved ones on your own, it can take a toll on you, your family, and your job. You can hire caregivers or take advantage of facilities that specifically care for elderly with Alzheimer’s.

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