What is Assisted Living?

If you’re just starting to look for a senior care facility, you may be wondering what assisted living facilities offer and whether it can suit the needs of your elderly loved one.

Assisted living refers to a range of services for seniors wherein personal care and support are provided as a long-term option. The range of services are varied and essential for seniors. This includes meal preparation, medication management, bathing and showering, dressing, and grooming.


Instead of the institutionalized home for the aged, such facilities offer a more affordable option. It also resembles a home-like setting. This means you get a residential setup with professional care and support from skilled nurses and certified caregivers.

Aside from this, assisted living facilities such as Big Hearts strive to build a community with seniors. This adult daycare and assisted living facility in BF Homes, Paranaque has a down-to-earth, cozy, and home-like ambiance. Still, this is balanced with private, professional care. We also offer an intuitive modern design complete with safety measures for the elderly.

Those who are in assisted living facilities are more mobile instead of bed-ridden, compared to hospice care and nursing homes. They may also be fairly independent. They may just need help with daily living and personal care activities. This is unlike nursing homes, where residents need assistance with everything round-the-clock.

Assisted living services are more affordable than you think, that is, contrary to popular belief about getting elderly care, . This is compared to nursing homes and other facilities. At Big Hearts, we take special care in customizing the care type to meet the needs of your elderly loved ones.

If you feel like you need assisted living services for your loved ones, feel free to call us at Big Hearts: 09177992102.



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