Exercise Tips for the Elderly

Regular exercise is always good whatever your age is. For the elderly, certain activities may not be as safe to do, but keep in mind that there are always alternatives (exercise tips) to activities that can keep elderly health and in shape.


Having an inactive, sedentary lifestyle is never good at any age. As you grow older, it is important not only to watch your health and nutrition, but to also keep an active lifestyle. In fact, it is better to be active earlier in life so that its effects can still be felt as you continue your routine into old age.

Here are some tips that you can apply to your exercise routines to keep you fit and active:

1. Get your heart pumping. Aerobic exercises such as dancing, walking, swimming, and other low-impact activities are great for keeping your heart pumping. Get at least 150 minutes of low- to medium-intensity exercises squeezed in one week.

2. Exercise for strength. Climbing up the stairs instead of using the elevator, carrying your groceries, or simply getting out of your chair are simple but effective ways of building up muscle strength.

3. Improve your balance. Find exercises that can help improve your balance. This is because many accidents happen when elderly falls or goes out of balance. This can be prevented with adequate exercises and even yoga.

4. Stretch. Stretching may not be as easy as it used to be, but it’s important to keep stretching those muscles to keep them strong and limber.


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